Me’s Me!

Hi loved ones,it’s been a while and it seems like ages! Thanks so much for you comments and words of encouragement. I had exams and I had to make hay cos I felt the heat of the sun already .I am going through so much at the moment, I can’t even explain.. Just stay blessed and I hope you enjoy this piece.. I’ll be back soon…better than yesterday .Christ values you and I .I love You,Genuinely ..😘


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About September 1 (The Conclusion)

Hello dear, Welcome back. Please Click here If you missed the beggining part of “About September one”.

He responded “Yes “Baby”(He calls me “Baby” when he really needs me to pay attention to details)…but really, did that matter at all? I didn’t call Him to respond,I called Him cos I was shocked…i dropped my tab,walked up to my brother and told him…

Acting like”the older one”,He simply bent his head and told me to calm down.   (………At this juncture, I need u to know that I am mummy’s last born so I was practically to closest to her cos I so much relied on her)…..and I just couldn’t calm down,then the drama started..
Like a Bible believing Christian, I patrolled through the room ….”oh Lord Jesus,Mummy is not dead”..I felt this enzymes moving through my veins and they just didn’t make me stand..I paced aimlessly from the north to the south of the room with the reassuring words upon my lips “no,it’s not possible,mummy is not dead” …then the enzymes again, I just couldn’t pace anymore, I began jumping about the room..”oh Lord Jesus, Mummy is not dead”…at this point my bro knew someone was running mad in his room..He stood up and tried comforting me but really, I wasn’t even weeping, neither was he..the shock was a big intriguing one…. Read More


September 1 …a very historical day..oh,did I say “historical”? ..I probably meant “memorable” day…alright, coming down from the high heels,September 1,2015 is such a day to remember!
So I woke up that morning with so much on my mind,cos it was September 1 and an ember month for that matter,I hit the basketball court in my hostel which is more like the praying “room” of mozzzzz…(msg me for more info about mozzzz))..when I got there,the whole place was occupied with people who were seeking God’s face “before me” …I got a corner and prayed..I remember telling God a lot,I needed Him to heal me from a wrong and heartbreaking relationship I just stepped out of and in all spheres of my life.. I had and still have so much on my mind and I spilled it all out at His feet,expecting His refreshing dominion through the month, I sanctified the month and then….I remembered Mummy…(please note,I prayed for my family generally…. But there something really special about “Mummy”!)) Read More